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If something goes wrong or we have failed, file a complaint! We won’t leave you alone

If something goes wrong or we have failed, file a complaint

If something goes wrong or we have failed, file a complaint! We won’t leave you alone

Modern Forms, primarily ensure professional approach to each client. Every order is fulfilled with the highest diligence as your satisfaction is really important for us. However, we are just human. Although, it doesn’t happen often, we do not sweep it under the carpet. We open a window onto a problem and look for the best solutions. Mistakes aren’t failures for us, but important lessons. As a result, we are constantly improving and developing our offer, and the way of working is getting better. That is what our customers appreciate.

If we made a mistake, we are really sorry! Let us repair the defect and inform us about it! Contact us


In order to show you how we deal with some problems, please check the following sample complaints.

Client: The organizer of race with obstacles – Survival Race.
Fault: Crushed printing.
Solution to the problem: Shipment of medals with perfect printing to every participant of the run.

Our regular customer – the organizer of the biggest race with obstacles in Poland – Survival Race, made a claim. By the human error – inappropriate hardening of UV printing, the graphic crushed during shipment. As a result, the customer received medals that were not suitable for the usage. A good reputation of customer and race were affected. However, we took the responsibility, and within one week from the event, for each participant who received faulty medal, we sent a new one in a perfect condition.

We have sent: 200 parcels for 200 participants of the race (to home address) with a small sweet gift.

Survival race sports medals with defect

On the left: complained medal with crushed printing. On the right: a new medal with perfect printing.

Survival race Sports medals after acceptance of complaint

On the left: complained medal with crushed printing. On the right: a new medal with perfect printing.


Today, the organizer of Survival Race is one of our biggest customers who recommends our company.

“Thank you so much for so professional approach to the issue. The solution that you have proposed is satisfying for us – said Radosław Owczarczyk from Survival Race”.

Client: Cooperativa Foundation.
Fault: Mistake in the text – word “Szkoła” written with a lower case letter “s”.
Solution to the problem: At the same day we produced new plates with a correct text.

Our client sent us a text that was supposed to be put on the base of the trophy – correct form. However, the graphic designer during preparing a design, wrote “Szkoła” in a wrong way (should have been written with capital letter, while it was with a lower case letter). The client did not notice the mistake in the text and approved our proposition of the trophy. They noticed the mistake as soon as they received the order,and made a claim.

Our response was fast – at the same day we produced new plates with a correct text and sent to the client. We agreed that they would fix the plates into the base by themselves.

Plaque before complaint and plaque on the trophy after acceptance of complaint

On the left: plate with correct text. On the right: plate with wrong text.

Personalized trophies

Trophies with new plates.


“Thank you so much for positive consideration of the complaint. You are reliable company. I recommend and continue the cooperation with you”.

Grzegorz Pawłowski

Fault: damaged boxes.
Solution to the problem: new, perfect boxes, without any damages.

Heavy, metal trophies were not secured appropriately. They were put into decorative boxes without any bubble foil etc. They came to the customer with damages.
Customer made a claim on Thursday, and on Monday they received new ones without any damages.

Box before complaint and after

On the left: damaged boxes. On the right: new boxes without any damages.


For example you have sent us a text with the typo, you haven’t noticed it and have approved the design. As a consequence, you received a product with a big mistake. In accordance with the adopted rules we did not have to consider the complaint positively. However, this is not how we are working! Everyone can make a mistake and we understand it. We are not looking for someone to blame or criticize, but find a good solution which is positive for everyone. We value good relationships with our customers. Your satisfaction is the most important for us. You can count on us and our understanding.


We know how much you care about time because we do care as well! Therefore, when we receive a claim, we repair the mistake as soon as possible. You have the guarantee that the ordered products will be on time.

We are just human and we can have a bad day, we can be tired as we are running at full capacity. However, we are able to draw conclusions, we are analyzing, and we can admit that we make a mistake, but later repair it as well! Then, customer can forget about this unpleasant incident and be pleased with the cooperation.


Even though, the order is packed precisely, it happens that package is damaged during the transport. Remember that you can demand to check the content of the parcel in the presence of the courier – THIS IS THEIR DUTY. After you draw up a protocol it will be easier for us to consider a complaint positively.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
+48 504 467 959